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About Me

Email me at hirickyreyes at gmail dot com to link up and inquire about​ creative projects and/or racial equity consulting.

Long Bio

Ricky Reyes is a Seattle-based, Tacoma-born, researcher, organizer, creative, oral historian and Public Art Project Manager with the Office of Arts & Culture. An avid musician, writer, and photographer Ricky finds community in creating with and performing alongside of fellow musicians, writers, and creatives.


Trained in critical race theory and public policy at Seattle University, Rick’s previous research, writing, art, and photography explore epistemologies to better understand assumptions on race, class, and gender that produce real-life sociopolitical impacts on people of color and those at the center of structural oppression and ways to use storytelling and creative expression to tell these stories.

Rick’s work experience includes community outreach and program design at and in partnership with arts organizations such as the Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle University, the Office of Arts & Culture, Napster Streaming (Rhapsody), Wa Na Wari and Seattle Theatre Group.  

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